Digital Marketing

Social Media Management

Aevion Group offers social media management services to clients who seek ensured business growth. Aevion Group assists in content creation and publishing weekly or bi-weekly posts to all company social media accounts.

For small businesses looking to grow on social

Discover how Aevion Group helps you save time when publishing content, engaging with your audience, and tracking performance.

Supported Networks

Manage all the major social networks with Falcon Essentials

One calendar is all you need

From daily publishing to planning entire campaigns, do it all from one calendar.

Full content overview

See what’s happening across all your social channels in one calendar.

Plan campaigns from start to finish

Draft your social media campaign content and collaborate with colleagues. All in one place.

Share engaging, on-brand content

Delight your audience with engaging images and videos from your own content library.

Do more with your time

Social media is a vital part of your to-do list, but it shouldn’t take up all your time. Falcon Essentials takes care of that.

Easier cross-posting

You no longer need to manually copy the same content to different networks.

Plan posts in advance

Save time and keep your content calendar filled by scheduling posts on a weekly or monthly basis.

One inbox for all your interactions

Take care of all your social media engagement in one easy-to-manage and customizable inbox.

Measure your performance

Track the performance of your social media efforts and turn it into actionable insights.

A single source for insights

Stop toggling between multiple windows to collect KPIs from different sources.

Get quick reports

Quickly understand performance across your social channels. Use report templates and cloning to save time.