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Our Clothing Store

Aevion Clothing (Shopaevion) is a growing clothing store in driving quick-to-market apparel and way of life brand. We are renowned for delivering exceptional customer service and the season’s most needed styles to millions of individuals around the world, which earned us the title of the Jamaica’s #1 Most-Searched Fashion Brand on Google.


As a Kingston based company, we offer collections for the king and queens of Jamaica. We are a pop culture spectacle, coming to stunning social media followings, of which incorporates celebrity fans and collaborators.


Our name has been highlighted in songs and our styles have been worn by your favorite celebs. You’ll hear Shopaevion mentioned all over the world by Jamaican.

Excellent Customer Service

Our customer service is second to none. We provide a service to the Jamaican like no other business. Every customer that walk through out doors, leaves quite taken care of!

Affordable Prices

We provide competitive pricing on all items sold online and in-store. We also provide customer discount on a daily basic whether in-store, online or through out newsletter.

Islandwide Delivery

We serve over 2000 clients providing delivery services in all 14 parishes on the island! We offer delivery service for customer, with over 3000 deliveries done day by day.

Seamless Online Experience

Our online platform allows customers to seamlessly enjoy our user-friendly website to purchase products, add to cart, and enables confidential checkout process.

Start Shopping for Stunning Outfits

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